Thursday, October 04, 2012

Fairy Gardens

It is Fall Break for us this week. For the first part we stayed home but since my mother's birthday is today we went to Signal Mountain for a visit. I love coming home for so many reasons, and family is the most obvious. But today I realized as I was driving onto Signal Mountain that it is also because I miss the mountain with it's abundance of trees, wildlife and it's beauty. I caught myself staring through the trees and watching the sun's rays as they lit up the many shades of greens, browns and the beginnings of fall colors. It's something we don't get to enjoy at home where we have no woods near our house to enjoy.

And with fall coming the Signal Mountain Nursery, which my parents own with my sister and her husband helping out, is also ablaze with color. The mums are is full bloom as well as the pansies with their multitude of colors. Seeing all the mums and pansies lined up waiting for someone to take them home to decorate their front porch, deck or home is exciting to me. I always struggle to pick out my own favorites to take home and enjoy. But the other thing that caught my eye on this trip are the fairy gardens that my sister has created. As you may know fairy gardens are big right now. They are an abundance of people, furniture, houses, and other accessories to place in your fairy garden. My sister has also done several workshops at the nursery for everyone who wants to make their own fairy garden. The girls and I made one this summer but I can't wait to do another one this time with a Halloween theme. When I was at Market in Atlanta this summer helping my mother and sister pick things out for the nursery we came across not only the Halloween fairy gardens but Christmas and beach gardens as well. With so many options to choose from I might have to change them out several times a year!!

How creative is this and an awesome job of recycling too!?!  Using an old wheel barrow to contain your fairy garden.   The next two pictures are some close ups of the wheel barrow garden.

This one is my dream fairy garden.  This is a container made out of 2X4's and ply wood to make a large rectangle.  My dream is to make one of these with legs to use as a coffee table for my deck.  Add a few large "stepping stones" to hold drinks and you've got one awesome and unique fairy garden coffee table.
These are a couple of awesome examples of the Halloween or Fall fairy gardens.  I love the tiny headstones and skeleton in the graveyard.  The little pumpkin house is neat too.  And don't you think that your fairy will enjoy having their homes decorated for the holidays just like you?

Just look at all those fall mums and all that color.  I love mums!
 And if you know me you know how much I love owls.  And with that in mind I couldn't pass up this little guy who looks so cute in this little 4" mum.  

I can't wait to get back home with all my goodies to decorate the house with for Halloween and fall as well.  

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