Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pinned and Done- Burlap Cross

I just have to say, "I love pinterest!!!" I mean who doesn't? My only complaint is that it is a major time suck.   I am always finding something new to pin.  Do you have this same problem? For years I would tear things out of magazines and put them in binders or I would bookmark website after website so that I could remember all the things I wanted to cook, craft, sew and garden. And then some awesome person had the bright idea of creating a site in which you could "pin" all of it in one place. In my book that is just awesome.  Though the problem now is that I have so many things "pinned" that I am wanting to make that I can't keep up with it all. But I have completed a few of the things I have pinned. Today I am going to share a burlap cross that I made from a picture I saw on Pinterest.  There were no links for a tutorial but it is also pretty self-explanatory as well.  But here it goes...


 I made a template of the cross and cut it out, twice.

 Sew the two layers together, leaving a 1 to 2 inch opening to allow for stuffing your cross.
 I painted the front with polka dots, outlined the cross and then painted on my "C".  You can do whatever designs you would like to have on yours or none at all.

  Stuff your cross.  Since I was hanging this on my front door I used plastic grocery bags as the stuffing.     I had extra bags lying around and it was a great way to reuse something I had on hand.  To hang it I took some wire and poked it through the fabric and twisted the ends into a little curly Q.  Then I added a gray burlap bow to dress it up a little more.  And there you have your cross made out of burlap.
If you don't own a sewing machine, you can still make this.  You can hand sew it, staple the layers together, or even hot glue or fabric glue the layers together.   Good luck!

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