Tuesday, August 21, 2012

G is a Blue Belt Now

On Saturday Gabe tested for his 4th belt, the blue belt, in karate. He was so excited to be moving up the ranks. He was the only one testing for the blue belt so he was more alone than usual, his wrk this summer paid off. He will have to get use to testing in smaller group since it gets harder and harder as you move up and takes a little longer. He did really well despite the fact that he didn't sleep well the night before from either excitement or nerves. But he made it and is now a belt and start working on his next Kata.
 During testing
Gabe with his new blue belt and the whole testing group.  

 Because Gabe worked so hard this summer and we made it to a minimum of two classes a week or made up class he was able to attend a pizza party given by the karate school as well. They had a whole lot of fun playing games and eating a little pizza as well.



Christine said...

YEA Gabe! What an accomplishment!

Jane Anne said...

That's fantastic!!

PS. I love your new header and all of the beach pictures I saw on FB awhile back.