Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Cape San Blas {Let's go Fly a Kite and Cousins are fun}

We bought the kids some kites back in the spring when we happened to find them on sale. They were so excited to be able to use them. We bought the old fashioned diamond type while my sister and brother bought some really cool animal kites. Kaleb got his sting ray in the air and Elizabeth enjoyed flying it for a while. I think Karoline lost some of her parts before she even started putting it together so I don't think she ever got hers in the air and Dave's boys were more interested in playing in the surf. Abby and Elizabeth flew theirs for a while and Gabe flew his with Matt before I got down to the beach and wanted to play in the water with his cousins. The following two days didn't have enough wind for flying a kite. I will have to be sure to take them to the park on the next windy day so that they can really fly their kites.

 The kids had so much fun together. It is wonderful that all the cousins are so close and consider each other friends as well as cousins. I hope that that friendship lasts into adulthood.  Here are some of those special moments from the week.

 I guess those two are worn out,

 Dancing with Uncle Dave.

 Googie showing the girls how to "break dance" during one of our many dancing sessions.
 You go Girls!!  {and Googie}

 There up there are the sea gulls.


 Jump!  Jump!  The waves just make me want to JUMP!

 One fish, Two fish...Big fish, little fish.

 Cleaning the fish for dinner.

 The kids picking up the fish I caught in the casting net.

It was a wonderful week and a week we will remember always.  Thank you, Mimi and Googie for the wonderful vacation!


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