Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cape San Blas {Final Day}

On our final day in Cape San Blas we walked down to the beach for the final time. The kids had fun enjoying the beach, and we enjoyed watching them. They walked down to the sandbar and tide pool and enjoyed some swimming fully clothed. They thought that was the best thing ever, to swim with their clothes on instead of swimming suits.  They rolled, jumped, swam and dove in and around the sand bar.  And one that night we had one of the most beautiful sunsets we had had all week long.

 Elizabeth enjoying some time with her Googie.
 Gabe rolling around in the tide pool.

Elizabeth walking on the sand bar.

 Everyone enjoying their last night at the beach.

 Matt finding a few treasures.
 Mimi and Googie walking hand in hand.
 Matt helping the kids with their sparklers.

 Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark

 A little PDA

 The kids being silly and posing on the beach.

 All seven grandkids...
 Lookout! Here they come!
 All 7 Grandkids with Mimi and Googie

 Boy!  That's a whole lot of seaweed!
Googie and Uncle Dave


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