Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tasty Tuesday {Microphone Cupcakes}

Back in March I made these cute cupcakes for Abby's Pop Star Birthday Party. They were a huge hit and oh, so fun to make.
Can you tell what they are?  Yes, they are mini microphones.  They are really very simple.  Take a cupcake and ice it whatever color you want {in this case Abby chose pink}.  For the microphones you will need...mini ice cream cones, silver sprinkles, white candy melts and cake balls.  Make your cake balls and freeze them for about 15- 20 minutes.  Pull them out of the freezer and working quickly and using a sqeewer dip them into the melted candy melts and roll in the sprinkles and allow to dry.  Once dry, dip the top of the cone into the candy melts, just enough to use as a glue, and place the cake ball on top.  With the microphones standing allow to dry.  Ice your cupcakes and place your microphones on top of the cupcake.  These can be a little top heavy so if you don't have many party goers you could make Jumbo cupcakes to be a little more stable, but they worked fine just the way they were.



Jane Anne said...

Those are SUPER cute. Love them!

Christine said...

I swear you are the most creative person I know! Wonderful idea! I can't say I have ever seen mini-ice cream cones, though.