Thursday, November 17, 2011

Elizabeth Lost Her First Tooth!!!

Elizabeth has had two lose teeth for several weeks. Just recently we noticed that her new teeth had already pushed their way through behind her baby teeth. We were getting worried that they just wouldn't come out on their own. Well come out they did, at 6:00 AM. We knew something was going on when Matt and I heard a stampeding of elephants coming down the stairs. With a shout of, "I lost my TOOTH! It came out!" from the mouths of two girls, we knew what was going on. Elizabeth couldn't wait to get her tooth in the Tooth Fairy pillow and then to tell everyone she saw that she lost her first tooth. Last night the tooth fairy came and left her her money, a five dollar bill, which she has been carrying around ever since she pulled it out of her pillow. What was really funny was her telling us about the Five dollar bill. "This is him when he was alive. And this is is statue and these are the trash cans outside his statue." Of course she didn't tell us who him is or anything about him but it was interesting that she knew it was his statue.


Carrie said...

Yay! I can't believe she is already losing teeth, isn't she just a baby?! ;-) She is so cute! I love her smile!

Sean Butcher said...

I love your daughter's smile! She's just so lovely in the picture. My kid is excitedly waiting for her tooth fairy, but she hasn't lost her tooth yet. LOL. Anyway, it's too good to be a tooth fairy. Hahaha.