Thursday, November 17, 2011

I is for Igloo

The tradition started when Gabe was in his last year of preschool at Learning Tree, that would be five years ago. Gabe's class was working their way through the alphabet and were studying the letter "I". We were trying to figure out what Gabe could bring to school for "I" Show n Tell when I remembered making an igloo out of sugar cubes and icing at some point in my elementary school career. And with that the tradition of making an igloo was born. First Gabe and then Abby made their igloos. And this week it was Elizabeth's turn. My baby has reached her final year of preschool and is learning the letter "I" so Matt and Elizabeth sat down for the task of making her igloo. She was so excited to be making her igloo. As soon as we walked in the door from Karate and she saw her Daddy she was taking his hand and dragging him to the kitchen table so they could start on their project. So the work began....

Just look at the concentration on both of their faces. Elizabeth was so serious and wanted to have her hands in the whole project from start to finish. Her attention never swayed.
Matt redoing a piece that fell off the top.
Every igloo needs a little snow. We used coconut to add that final touch.

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Christine said...

How awesome of a mom you are for keeping traditions that the kids wait YEARS for! What a special memory they will always have of those igloos. BTW, I love the new blog layout; the background pattern is so pretty!