Saturday, April 16, 2011

Up, Up and Away!!!

On the official opening day of baseball, Elizabeth had already played two games, we had a very cool visitor fly overhead during our game. Everyone on the field stopped play in order to watch the helicopter fly overhead and then land in an adjoining field. The kids couldn't wait for the game to end so that they could check out the helicopter.

Elizabeth loved strapping herself into the the harness on the helicopter. Just look at the grin on her face!

Abby was dying to to touch the blades on the helicopter. Daddy was her hero lifting her up to touch the blades.

Abby also loved being able to sit in the cockpit of the helicopter.

Gabe enjoying being strapped in as well. Too bad we can't just strap him down when he's in trouble. ;)

Gabe is flying away as well. What a scary, scary thought!

We ended our exploration of the helicopter by getting all the kids together to take a few pictures in front of it. It was such fun being able to explore the helicopter. What a fun idea for the opening day of baseball season.

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