Friday, April 01, 2011

Happy April Fools Day!!

I've had some fun with cupcakes once again. And this time it's for April Fools Day fun. This is another idea from Hello , Cupcake!
They are super cute but very time consuming. If I ever do these again it will be over several days and not in one evening like last night. Both Gabe and Abby will be taking these to school for April Fools Day fun. I originally thought of these because Gabe's teacher has a movie theme in her classroom. They have popcorn, movies and P.J. Parties several times a year for reaching certain class goals. Anyway, time for the cupcakes.
Here are your instructions. These are really very easy but very time consuming. You will need both white and yellow mini marshmallows. To get the yellow you will need to purchase a bag of the fruit flavored marshmallows and separate the yellows from the other colors. I plan on adding the others to some GORP later this week. After you have your marshmallows you will need to cut about 250 of both colors into thirds. You will end up with 125 of each when you are done.
You will begin to arrange your marshmallows onto a piece of wax paper into clover leafs like the picture above.
Once you have your clovers arranged you will then need to apply another whole marshmallow on top. Take a ziploc bag and put some white icing into one corner. Snip the corner. Put a small dot of icing onto whole marshmallow and then stick it to your clover. Let dry.
Once your popcorn pieces are dry you will need to start icing your mini cupcakes with white icing. Once iced you will begin sticking on your popcorn pieces. You will need to let these dry for at least 30 minutes before stacking them into your popcorn boxes or a bowl.
Here's a close up of the POPCORN.

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Carrie said...

That would've been a perfect joke for alex...he loves popcorn! you are so creative, and patient to make all of those! What a fun treat! I'm pretty sure all the kids at school love when they know Gabe and Abby are bringing in treats! ;-)