Monday, April 18, 2011

Elizabeth's New Room

Last weekend I finally painted Elizabeth's room. I had been trying to decide on what color to paint her room for almost a year now. Elizabeth wanted pink but I thought there would be way too much pink with her bed spread being pink. And then over Spring Break we went to IKEA and I found those totally cool flower lights that are hanging on the wall. That was my inspiration for her room. After finding those, green just seemed the obvious choice for the wall color. While painting Matt would walk in and say, "It's day glow green." But I really do think that it turned out great. And moving her furniture around made her room seem that much larger as well. She now has plenty of room to play.

I kept Elizabeth out until I was finished with putting her room back together. I think this look tells it all. Don't you?
This was the best I could do with getting this side of her room. Even with the blinds closed it was still dark. It must have been the brightness of the colors. Right?

Happy Playing and Sleeping Elizabeth!

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Carrie said...

I LOVE it! I love the lights... those are really fun! It looks great and I can see that Elizabeth is going to have a wonderful time in her new room!