Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break Atlanta- Part 2 Zoo Atlanta

On Friday we went to Zoo Atlanta. This was Gabe's birthday choice along with the Aquarium. And it was Elizabeth's first trip to the Zoo that she actually remembers. Everyone had their favorite animals that they were wanting to see. It was a beautiful day for the Zoo. It was sunny, though a little cool to start out but by mid-morning the kids were beginning to shed their jackets. The girls also insisted that their dolls needed to join us, especially since they were all matching.
Matt and the kids watching the Flamingos as they were being feed by a Zoo keeper. I find it fascinating that they are pink because of the food they eat. But boy did it stink over there!

Meerkats are one of Matt's favorite animals to see at the Zoo. He liked the exhibit at the Knoxville Zoo better because they seemed to have more room to roam. It bothered him that they had such a small amount of space especially since in the wild they roam and burrow such great distances. But they are really cool to watch. And this one was very cooperative in letting me get his picture.
Elizabeth enjoyed a little dancing with her shadow. This kept her entertained while the Gabe would read all the information about the animals on the info. cards.
My nest is certainly full!!
I loved watching this little guy and could feel for his Momma. This little one was wanting to take off but Momma was not having any of that! She kept a firm grip on her little one.
My little Monkeys all together.
I just had to put this big bird on here. He made me laugh showing off like this. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what this big guy is called because I just can't remember. But look at him. Doesn't he make you want to laugh!?!
Abby and Elizabeth agreed that the elephant was one of their favorite animal at the zoo. While we were watching the zoo keepers threw down this barrel that has food in it. This was like a call to the elephant and he came running. He was crushing and rolling this barrel in order to get the food out of it. It was so much fun to watch.
This little guy is a Red Panda and it too was one of Matt's favorites. He was very intent on eating the bamboo so wasn't very cooperative with having his picture taken.
This big guy was the animal that Gabriel was looking forward to seeing. We were very disappointed that on our first trip through his section he wasn't out. But lucky for us when we walked back through he was there after all. Gabe was so excited to be able to see his most favorite animal.

I almost missed seeing this big guy. He is my favorite animal I saw at the zoo. Isn't he just the coolest?

I also enjoyed seeing the Giant Pandas. This big guy was showing off by roaming everywhere in his enclosure. He never stopped moving the whole time we were watching. He was really cool to watch.

The kids enjoyed sitting with these really cool and real looking statues for me to get a couple of group pictures. I'm so glad they turned out so great!

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Carrie said...

That looks like such a fun zoo! And I love Abby's appropriate ;-) I almost got that for Emily...but by the time we got what we got...we forgot about it! ha! They look so cute with their dolls! The animals are so fun! I love that little monkey ;-)