Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break Atlanta- Part 1

On Thursday of our Spring Break we took Abby and Elizabeth to the American Girl Doll Store in Atlanta. The girls had so much fun picking out the stuff they wanted for their dolls. Abby had gotten several gift cards to American Girl that she was dying to spend. She had been picking things out of the catalog for weeks and couldn't wait to find everything on her list. But first the girls posed for us with Kanani in her shaved ice stand.

Mimi (my mother) came with us to help us celebrate Abby's birthday and to purchase her birthday present. This is the C-U-T-E dress that she and Abby choose. She also got the matching dress for her AG doll. Which ever one she chooses to put it on that is.
After trying on some dresses it's off to the hair salon for the girls' dolls. Kit and Becky, one of Elizabeth's twins, got new doos and ribbons for their hair.

Abby posing with Kit. Kit now has both a new dress to go with her new do. And the ladies in AG found out we were celebrating Abby's birthday so she got a cool sticker to wear. Just look at that smile on her face. She is having so much fun!!

We had a reservation in the Bistro for tea at 3:00 so we headed off to enjoy our tea and treats. The girls thought it was so much fun to sit in the Bistro and eat treats with the dolls names attached to them.

Here's Abby asking some of the conversation starters that were on the table. They were a lot of fun and she enjoyed answering and listening to our answers.
Abby posing with Kit in the Bistro while we are waiting for our food. I loved the doll seats. I should have bought a couple of these for the girls. They love having the dolls at the table with them.

Abby posing with Kit. She was so excited to finally get the scooter that she had been eyeing in the catalog.

And finally the girls posing with all their purchases. Elizabeth had to get something too. She couldn't let her sister have all the fun. She got a new dress to match her Bitty Twins. Both girls couldn't wait to play with and wear their new purchases.

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Carrie said...

I loved going to the AG store...isn't it so cute! I wanted to get everything in there! :-) I wish I would've bought the pink dress that Kit got because Emily has that dress and they don't sell the doll dress on the internet :-( The girls look so cute! I love their new dresses!
And I love your look great! mIss you guys!