Friday, March 11, 2011

Crafty Friday- Bubble Gum Necklaces

In trying to come up with ideas for Abby's birthday party I remembered coming across Bubble Gum necklaces somewhere out on the web. I'm so sorry I can't remember whose blog I came across this on. Anyway, I thought these were so cute I just had to try them out. Here is what you will need...

Bubble Gum balls (look at your party stores for specific colors, I found mine at Party City)
Skewer or Drill with Drill bit (sanitized of course)
tapestry needles (they don't have a sharp point so they are great for kids)
Lighter or fray stop

The blog I found this on said to use a skewer to poke holes into the gumballs. I tried this method and after sticking myself a couple dozen times my dear sweet husband told me I should be using a drill. So we got out his trusty drill and sanitized a drill bit and to work I went. This really saved my fingers! Thanks so much HONEY!!

Once you have holes in all of your Gumballs you can start threading them onto your ribbon using the needle to guide it through the holes. Start by tying a knot towards the end of your ribbon, but not at the end, you need enough to tie a bow once you have threaded all your gumballs. Thread on a gumball and move all the way down to the knot you tied towards the end. Then tie another knot next to the gumball. Tie another knot a little ways away from the first gumball and repeat the first steps.

Once you are finished threading on your gumballs tie a bow to close your necklace. And you are ready to wear your gumball necklace.

Happy Wearing or Chewing!!

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