Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big Brain Blank

I am not usually flaky. Really I'm not. But lately I don't seem to have it all together. Here's the story...

I got a call earlier in the week, on Monday, asking if I could help with Abby's Halloween Party on Friday. I couldn't understand the phone numbers the other mom gave me so I emailed Abby's teacher that night. It so happened that she was not at school the following day so didn't get my email. I sent her a note and got the phone numbers from her on Wednesday and gave the other mom a call. Well, when we finally got in touch with each other this morning she asked if I could help out with the party, in the classroom, Friday morning. I said that yes I could. Then I go on with my day. While out shopping for cupcake decorations for Gabe's class it dawns on me that I have MOPS tomorrow morning. Which on any other day I would just skip but, tomorrow I am leading a craft for the MOPS meeting. So I get back on the phone with the other mom and explain my predicament and as gracefully as I could, back out of the party. I feel really bad about it too! I think I am going to have to find a better way to remember all the things I want and need to do so that I don't do this kind of thing again. I will also have another craft the following meeting as well. But just so everyone knows I'm not usually this way.

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Aubrey said...

Been there, done that Carmen. It's all good, no worries right?

Miss you guys. Hope you are all doing well.