Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall is for Football and Homecoming

We had an awesome weekend! We attended MTSU's Homecoming parade, tailgate and football game, well Gabe and Matt went to the game. After the game we had friends come over to watch a disappointing Tennessee vs. Alabama game but had fun hanging out anyway.

All of the Alums were glad to get to catch up with one another and just hang out. It was amazing seeing all the kids that everyone now has. The MTSU campus has changed so much since we were in school. The biggest change, besides the campus itself, is the tailgating. When we were in school no one tailgated. Now it seems like everyone does. The whole campus around Peck Hall was alive with tents, people, food and games. It is my understanding that it's not just because of Homecoming either, it's for every game. We did so much yesterday that by the time we left we were all ready for a nap. Here are some pictures of what we did yesterday.

The kids had a great time watching the parade. Of course they loved getting all the candy. We met up with the Palmers to watch the parade and hang out together. It was fun hanging with them and the kids love playing with RJ and Xander.

The kids waiting for the parade. They were so anxious for it to start. Notice Elizabeth's feet. She has no shoes and came without any. We didn't know until we got to campus. Lucky for us and her it was a beautiful, warm fall day.

Here are the kids grabbing the candy. Gabe would run to the middle and get all the candy that the other kids wouldn't because it was to far out. Lucky for us and for him he would wait for a lull and was never slow about getting it!!

The MTSU marching band. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the band. It brings back so many memories of my high school days of playing in the marching band! So yes, if you didn't already know I was a band geek.

This is the Sig Ep float, Matt's fraternity. It looks pretty cool. They now team up in group of 4 or 5 sororities and fraternities. In our day, don't I sound so old, it was 1 sorority and 1 fraternity. The other big change was the groups that were walking the parade behind the float, we sure didn't do that!

Here is my sorority's and the First Place float winner, Chi Omega. I thought that all the float were creative and beautifully put together. I am so glad that I can just enjoy looking at the floats and I don't have to help put them together anymore.

Elizabeth was a little monkey on the net and did this over and over again. It would take her just seconds to get the the top and then slide down the slide. She really didn't want to leave when it was time.

Abby just loved her cotton candy. I don't think she realized how mess and sticky it was going to be, she pretty much buried her face in it!

Little Xander also getting to enjoy a little cotton candy. His daddy tried to blame it on Melissa who was holding him, but his mommy knew better!

Gabe was in seventh heaven when we spotted this game. It was laser tag if you haven't guessed. He did get out of the game but had a lot of fun while it lasted. At least he wasn't the first one out. We also found out that we could do this as a birthday party as well. It's something for us to think about.

Abby stood in line for this awesome balloon F-O-R-E-V-E-R! She knew exactly what she wanted and this was it. The balloon guy was awesome. I would love to know who he is so that we have his name for a potential party idea!

This guy was awesome as well. Abby wouldn't walk up to him but the little ones sure did. They posed for a picture and then the "statue" did too! We also got this right before we walked away. It made Elizabeth's day!!

And it wouldn't be Homecoming without a little football. Gabe enjoyed tossing the ball around with RJ and Mr. Rob. It kept them busy for a very long time.

This was my favorite picture of the entire day! Elizabeth and Daddy giving each other some hugs. I hope that you had a great weekend too!!


Carrie said...

What a fun weekend! It looked beautiful! The kids are looking so big...and so adorable! GREAT pictures and I love the last one too :) So sweet!

And the deck looks awesome too! Great job...we need to do that to ours!

Christine said...

What an awesome fall weekend! zyou're right-- the photo of E & her dad is so sweet! I can't believe how grown up Gabe is looking; I almost didn't recognize him!