Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Part One-Saturday Edition

We had a great Saturday watching football, spending time with friends and of course Trick Trunk or Treating. The kids loved the weekend and we felt like we partied all weekend long. I guess we did too! Here are a couple dozen pictures of our fabulously, freakishly, fun weekend.

The gang all dressed up and ready for some Trunk or Treating action. They were so excited to get going that all we got were candid shots but they turned out to be perfect.
Look at those cuties in their Princess and Witch costumes! And Gabe's football stance is pretty awesome as well. Don't you think he looks tough in that awesome football uniform!?! Go VOLS!!!
I LOVE this picture of the girls. They can be so sweet to each other sometimes and this is one of those moments!
We headed down to a local church who was doing a trunk or treat. It was great fun for the kids.

One of the cars had several games set up for the kids to play in order to get a piece of candy. Gabe loved trying to kick the ball through the uprights. I think he will need to work on his kicking if he has any desire to become a kicker though!
After we got home we worked on a craft while we were waiting for our dinner to cook. The kids had fun dressing up foam pumpkins and making scenes for them to frolic. Even us moms enjoyed this relaxing activity during a very busy and active day.

If you know me at all you know that if I am having a party there is going to be food, and lots of it. And if there is a theme I will find foods to go with it too, and this was no different. Here are a few things we enjoyed throughout the day.
Slime punch with a little dry ice added to the mix made for an awesome surprise for the kids. Both the kids and the adults loved watching it boil and smoke. We were memorized by the action in the cauldron.
We had a little eyeball action going on as well. Those eyes were watching your everywhere you went in the kitchen!
Bread stick bones and blood are always a hit in our household and this year was no different.
Matt called this a spider. I thought it looked like a cauldron on a fire. But whatever you think it looks like it was certainly a healthy and delicious choice. Though Matt missed the Hawaiian bread that I usually use as a bowl for my spinach dip.
If you visit me for Tasty Tuesday you will see the awesome dessert I made for our little Halloween and football party. It was awesome even if I do say so myself.

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Carrie said...

All that food looks SO good! You are so fun! And the kids look so cute! Aren't they growing up too fast? ;( Looked like a such a good time!