Friday, July 23, 2010

Ollie Underfoot

This is Ollie. His nickname from the time he was a kitten is Ollie Underfoot. Yes, you guessed it because he was always underfoot. He would lay down right at your feet and make you trip trying not to break him. We bottled raised this kitty after rescuing him from a farm in Knoxville. We loved him. He was our first, but we soon realized that he needed a friend since we were both working. We would come home and he wouldn't leave us alone. He would bite to get your attention for some petting. He was a great cat. Matt and I often commented how he was much more like a dog than a cat. When the doorbell would ring he would come see who was at the door. He would also come when he was called. He was also very social. When we moved here we were worried that his roaming and social habits would make someone mad. But talking to our neighbors it seems that everyone liked him. He was friends with our neighbors cats, liked to sit on another neighbor's front porch, while he sat on someone else's back porch. We also found out that our next door neighbors' grandkids would often let him into their house because they enjoyed him so much. Ollie was a great cat and Ollie has been missing for over a week now. We have gone to the local animal shelter, checked with the newspaper and craig's list to see if anyone has him and put up signs. I have even called several local vets offices to see if anyone has brought them a stray. All to no avail. At this point we are liking to think that someone else has picked him up thinking he was a stray. This is a much better thought than the alternative. So Ollie we just want you to know that we love and miss you. You were an awesome cat!!!

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