Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thanks Tank Thursday- A/C and Ollie

This week while dealing with annoying and painful issues I started thinking about what I have to be thankful for instead of dwelling on the negatives of each of these situations. It has brought me a little more peace to deal with the loss of both our a/c and of our beloved Ollie. I will do a main post of Ollie later. But here are my thoughts.

No A/C- This week our a/c has quit working once again. This is going to be the 6th time an a/c tech. has been to our house since May. While dealing with this I started thinking about how lucky I really am to have a nice home, food to eat, clothes to wear and a cozy bed to sleep in and also be able to afford a/c. I often take these comforts for granted. It could be a whole lot worse and for many people it is. So as I wait for the tech to return my call I am trying to remember that politness will recieve a better outcome. So as we cirrculate the air in our house with fans to stay cooler I will remember to be thankful. Oh, and it is suppose to be near 100 degrees today.

Ollie our cat is gone- Ollie went missing last week. We looked for him that first night but weren't really worried about him as he likes to hang out with the neighbors. The next day when he didn't come home we started asking around to see if anyone had seen him. No one has. While hope and praying for him to come home I am also being thankful that we were able to enjoy such a wonderful loving cat. Our hope is that he is safe wherever he is and that someone will see our signs and call us.

Have a great week!


Jane Anne said...

Oh, I am so, so, so sorry about the A/C. Does it help you feel thankful to write this out? You sound like you have such an amazing attitude. I wouldn't. My thankful thought would be- I am thankful I haven't killed anyone because I am so grumpy. I hope it gets fixed soon.
Sorry to hear about Ollie, too.

Carmom said...

Jane Anne- I am annoyed and I am upset but, I realize that there is nothing that I can do to change the circumstances. What makes matters worse is that we are going through a Home Warranty group and have to wait until they assign us someone and then that person will call to schedule an appointment. It's frustrating but in most cases it's not their fault either that parts don't come in or that their schedules are packed with others that have the same problem. So I try to be as calm and polite to everyone I speak with cause as the old saying goes..."You get more flies with honey than vinegar." I do have to say that the first person I spoke with this morning thanked me for being polite.

Christine said...

I didn't realize Ollie was still missing as well! How are the kiddos handling it?

Carrie said...

OH no :( Are you going to have to replace the whole AC? What a hassle. I know what you mean though...Dan is usually very unpolite, haha! But he deals with those kinds of problems all the time...I guess it gets old...but what can you do...just take it as it comes. I really hope it gets fixed SOON! It has been so hot here too...and the AC can barely keep up even when it is working!

I hope Ollie is okay. I'm sure someone has him...I hope he comes home soon!

Aubrey said...

Hoping and praying that Ollie returns. Maybe he/she went on a long vacation and just hasn't made his/her way back yet. :)

Sorry to hear about the hassle of the A/C. I know it's hard sometimes to remember how lucky we are to have these things and often dwell on the inconvenience of not having certain things work. You have a great attitude Carmen.

Carmom said...

Christine- The kids keep making sure signs are hung and will ask about him. Gabe is really sad but seems to be handling it ok. He will say something now and then. Ollie was pretty much his and Matt's cat.

Thank you girls you thoughts and words mean a lot to me.

Carmom said...

Carrie- Don't know what is going to happen this time. We are actually going to be getting a whole new tech and company this time around. It seems like the other company/owner is sick and can't make his calls right now. I should know more tomorrow.