Sunday, February 22, 2009

Last week was one of those weeks you really want to forget. Here's our week last week.

Sunday afternoon Gabe falls down the last few steps in the basement 20 minutes before we leave to take Abby to a birthday party. He screams bloody murder but on calming down seems to be okay. Later, as we are walking through Sam's he starts complaining about his foot. After inspecting his foot we realize it is swollen. After we get home we ice and elevate said foot but swelling seems to get worse not better. That evening we call a friend who is and orthopedic and he says to see how it is in the morning and that if it is not better to bring him in for a x-ray. All the while we are wondering how bad it really is and if we really need an x-ray after all he is walking on it and even wanting to ride his bike to school the next morning. It can't be that bad can it? So on Monday we wait until the afternoon and then decide it would be better to find out everything is fine than to find out we should have done something sooner. So we make an appointment on Tuesday afternoon to get a x-ray. And we find out he fractured his metacarpal, which thankfully means no hard cast to deal with just a wonderfully ugly post-op boot for the next 10 days, hopefully. Which also means we are having to work extra hard to keep him from running and jumping so as not to delay healing. That's been a lot of fun.

As well as Gabe falling down the stairs, poor little Elizabeth starts getting sick. By Sunday evening Matt is telling me that I will be taking Elizabeth to the doctor the next morning. I guess that told me. ;) I find out during her doctor's appointment that she has croup and an ear infection. Meds are prescribed for said illnesses and I am sent home. So I had a sick Elizabeth at home until Thursday when she could go back to school. And boy do I think she was as ready as I was.

I the mean time Matt has started getting sick too. It started in his head and has now settled into his chest. I have given all my good bedside manners to the kids so poor Matt has had to deal with, take some medicine or go to the doctor routine from me. I'm sorry honey!

Then on Friday we notice Abby start with the sniffles and congestion and is slowly developing into a cough.

I have also succumbed to the illness. All I want is a bed but kids and congestion have kept me from it except for the time yesterday mid-morning I was able to lie down for a short time. Thanks to my wonderful husband.


Carrie said...

Carmen, I hope this week will be much, much better! hope everyone is healing and you are able to get some rest! Take care!

Jane Anne said...

I am sorry to hear about your rough week. Wow- that was quite a week! I was happy to see you blogging again (but so sorry that you feel bad).