Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Say What??

Yesterday, Gabriel had a substitute at school. Two things happened. He was not suppose to be running and jumping on the playground because of his foot. He did this anyway. Had I known Mrs. Mocas was not at school I would have sent a note. But I didn't and it's not her fault. Gabriel should have known better. Right? Anyway, that's not what really got me. We were having milk at dinner and Gabe looks at me and tells me that his substitute at school told him milk was bad for you. Can you believe telling a child that!?! Gabriel said he told the substitute that it was good for you and the sub. told him he was wrong. He even went so far as to show some website to him. (He couldn't tell me the website. All he knew was it had a cow with a circle and line running across it.) I volunteered in the class today and was told by his teacher that she aid had informed her he stayed on the computer all day and didn't help the kids at all. I guess like teachers some are better than others. But in my mind this was a horrible sub.

Playing devils advocate I am aware that there are reasons people can't or don't drink milk. But I don't feel like it was okay for the sub. to be telling my son or anyone else this.

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