Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thanks Tank Thursday

We've had quite acouple of weeks, with all the snow and cold we had come our way. The kids enjoyed the break but I think they were as ready to get back in school as I was to have them go. I have so many things to be thankful for this week so I am going to start filling up the tank.

1. Sunny Days: Today we are full of sun shiny skies. And boy are they a beautiful blue. Cloudy days really do affect my mood so I am really glad to see the sun today.

2. The Promise of Warmer Weather: With our lows in the single digits and on some occasions like last night in the negatives, I am so glad to see the promise of warmer weather this weekend and into next week.
(This was the snowfall we got Tuesday morning on top of the 11 inches that was still there. We had a 2 hour delay on Monday and Wednesday.)
3. Taking Control: I am thankful that I have taken control of areas of my life I let slide. I feel more confident and happier because I have.

4. Money Matters: I am a shopaholic. Plain and simple. Which has caused us some grief. This is one area where that I have taken control over. And I am doing quite well. Which Matt has been very happy to see.

5. Clean Sheets: I hate washing a folding sheets. I really, really do. But for the past two weeks we have had clean sheets on every bed in the house. I love sliding into a bed with clean sheets. Now if only I can keep up with some of my other household chores.

6. 10 more weeks: Matt only has 10 more weeks before he graduates with his MBA. I am so proud of all the hard work he has done and is currently still doing. I will be counting down the weeks with him. ONLY 10 MORE MATT!!! Matt Graduates On May 10th!!!

7. Clean Kitchen Floors: This week I discovered that my kitchen tile grout is not a dark brown but a light tan. Which means is was dirty, I mean very dirty. How did I discover this you ask? Well, one of the kids spilled some smoothie and it splattered and I missed some spots. Which dried and crusted and took a ton of work to get up. As I did the major clean up I realized that the grout was changing colors. So I scrubbed and scrubbed the grout on the kitchen floor until it was clean. Anyway, I now have a very clean kitchen floor. One that at this moment I would not hesitate to say you could eat off of, but only if you really wanted to. :)

("Dark brown grout")

("Light Tan Grout")
8. No TV During the Week: I have implemented a no tv or games policy during the week, mainly school nights. I did this because so often they were entertained and then I would forget how long they had been watching or playing. It has been such a nice change of pace. Gabriel is spending hours in his room setting his toys up for battles. Abby and Elizabeth are playing dress up and babies. And then there are times that they play together, all three of them. I have loved watching their imaginations grow. Though I do have some educational games they can play on the computer.

9. Wii Fit: I have never been a video game junkie but Wii Fit has created one in me. I have been on the Wii almost everyday. It's fun and best of all I have managed to 1 up Matt on several of the games. And I feel like I am doing something a little more healthy for myself than sitting in front of the tv.

10. Music: I love music and it can really help lighten my mood. I have been playing more music in the house since establishing the no tv rule. The kids have enjoyed dancing to it. Yesterday, we even had a dance party and played freeze. We had a lot of fun.


Carrie said...

I know what you mean about the grout! that is something I always, always put off cleaning, our kitchen floor! I know, gross! Looks awesome! Please come over any time and help with our floor!

Jane Anne said...

Not much beats having a clean kitchen floor! That is one of my favorite things. (I just wish mine was clean right now.)

We only allow video game playing on the weekend (and very, very limited TV time during the week). These limits are met with grumbling but they are very worth it.

I enjoyed your list, as always!

Elaine A. said...

Please, come clean my floor! ; )

I hope there are warmer days ahead. There have to be, right?

And good job on the no t.v. thing. I do that every now and again and we probably need a break from it ourselves. And music is a wonderful substitute!!