Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Collier Clan Update

Here's an update on all things Collier:

Gabriel: He is loving school. The tardy bell does not ring until 8:10, it only takes us 7 minutes to get to school. Gabriel is ready to walk out the door at 7:30 and every morning I have to fight to keep him home until 7:45. He no longer wants me to go with him. I guess I am just cramping his style, but to be honest I want to go with him because he is my baby but it's much easier to let him do it himself and it saves me time. Gabriel has scored 100's on each spelling test and we've had three (so proud). The only problem is that he came home with a discipline contract for hitting another boy, in the privates no less, in the bathroom. When we asked him why we were told, "I just wanted to." This really bothered me so I had the teacher call me and talked to her and was told that he had told her the same thing. Wii and TV were taken away and lectures given hopefully this will make the difference. He's a good kid, even if I do say so myself, but he makes some poor choices.

Abby: Is so full of herself. If you ask her what she did at school today she'll often tell you everything and this is usually true. Her favorite thing about school is painting. I got tired of cleaning up the messes so I rarely let the kids paint at home so being able to paint almost everyday is priceless to her. She also loves being with her friends everyday. She has already asked to have a sleep over. I may have to try a late night playdate with the kids going home instead of sleeping over. We will just have to see how that one works out.

Elizabeth: Cries every time I drop her off at school. I am told that she is fine shortly after I am gone but she cries none the less and that makes it hard. I know she stops crying because I am often working around the school and see her playing and having a good time. And the days she has preschool are the days I get the best greetings. Oh what smiles, hugs and kisses I get on those days.

Matt: Has started back to school and things have picked up at work at the same time. He is trying to get through the next couple of months until things slow down a little, at least work wise. Things won't slow down with school until May when he graduates with his MBA. And May really can't come soon enough.

I am too busy to relax it seems these days. I am planning the Fall Festival for the girl's preschool and that is taking a whole lot of time. I am also in charge of the school's one and only fundraiser that is year long with the first orders coming in this week. If you know anyone who wants to order some gift cards I've got those and it will support our school. MOPs starts back tomorrow and I can't wait to see everyone. And then there are all the activities and usual things you do as a mom. We are all busy and I keep trying to find ways to lessen everyone's loads and then find myself with as much or more than I had before. Hopefully, I will learn not to commit myself to so much.

Okay, it really sounds like I am complaining and in some ways I am but this seems to be life. I enjoy staying busy and being on the board gives me some purpose other than being a mom and a wife.

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