Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ironhead up the middle

This is Matt posting. Gabe had an incredible game today, pulling flags in the backfield on D, running on O (see video above), even playing QB for a couple of plays! There are 9 on the team, and 5 play at a time. The coaches kept leaving Gabe on the field for both O and D. He got full out tackled on one play and just got up and went back to line up. Tough! Of course, he has a bad habit on D of grabbing at the shoulders and throwing the other guys down... that'll work out better when he's playing tackle next year. Anyway, way to go Gabe!


Mattdaddy said...

I love the last sound bite "she stole my goldfish!"

It helps keep priorities in place.

Seth said...

Way to go Matt!!! I mean... Gabriel! We would never ever live vicariously through our children... at least not until they are all playing or cheering for UT in Neyland Stadium! Awesome video.