Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Thanks to my brother-in-law I am now a member of facebook. In some ways I would like to say thank you to him in other ways I would like to curse his name. I have been spending too much time on facebook tracking down people I have not spoken to or seen in a number of years. A lot of the people are people who I have thought about and wondered what they were up to. It's been nice to get back in touch with many of them and see what has been happening in their lives. So for that I say thank you Danny! Now I also have to curse you because of all the different groups and applications I have joined and just can't stop doing. Mob Wars is just one of those and even though it's stupid I find myself sitting at the computer way to often to play it. So curse you Danny. And I have to say JA and Seth for bringing me to the dark side. Have a wonderful day.

Really, it's more thank you!!

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Danny said...

I accept both your blessings and your curses. Now you need an iPhone so you can update your facebook wherever you are.