Monday, August 04, 2008

The Ball is Rolling Now!!!

On Friday the contractor finally came to look at the basement, nearly two months after the flood. Anyway, they will be starting outside this week to try and correct the drainage problem around the windows. They will then move inside to install new carpet and flooring to the rest of the basement, fix the elecrtical; something that has needed to be done, and then if needed to replace the windows. If we have money left in our budget then we will see about having dry wall put up on the foundation walls, but we don't expect that we will be able to afford that at this time. I also plan on painting the basement soon but need to wait until school starts so that I can do it without child interruptions. We also need to replace some of the ballasts in the light fixtures so that we can see in the basement without all the dark spots. So we should be getting our basment back within the next several of weeks.

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