Monday, June 09, 2008

Columbus Flooded

I've been trying to do this post all weekend long and just haven't been able to figure out how to make people understand. If I were a photographer I would take pictures and show them to you but I'm not and I am sure many of the people who have lost everything would not appreciate someone taking all those pictures. We had a very small flood in comparison to some of the neighborhoods two city blocks away. And because we were without phone, internet, and cable we were not aware as to how bad things really were. It wasn't until Sunday when we talked with a neighbor who's husband is a firefighter that we found out. Driving to Lowe's today proved to be a real eye opening experience for all of us. As we drove we saw whole neighborhoods emptying their houses onto their sidewalks and into their yards in an attempt to save their belongings and their homes, but unfortunately most of it will be gone. Several people I know had severe damage to their homes. Some had 3 to 4 inches of water in their basements, others the same in their main living areas, and some even had to be rescued by boat. Most of these people don't have flood insurance because they were not in flood plains. This was a flood that is being called a 100 year flood, the last one of the magnitude being in 1913. The clean up has begun and many people are opening their homes, wallets and heart in an attempt to help those who have lost everything. I am at a loss as to what we can do to help. I have volunteered to cook meals, babysit and help in any other capacity I can but it still doesn't seem like enough. I hope you will keep these families in your prayers as they deal with the mess the flood has caused. Here are some pictures that have been taken from around town.

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Jane Anne said...

Glad you are back-- missed your posting. I am sorry to hear about the flooding. It is sad that it takes a personal account (as opposed to the news) to touch my heart. I just said a prayer for the community. I will pray for you as you look for ways to help others.