Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

After two weeks of no posting I am back with my Thursday Thanks Tank.

1. No Training Wheels: Yesterday we took the training wheels off of Gabriel's bike. We still have a lot of work left to get him riding without us holding on but he is making progress. Though my back certainly protests the practice.

2. Haircuts: Everyone in the family now has new haircuts. Last weekend I had enough of Elizabeth's rat tail, Abby needed a good trim and both Matt and Gabriel were due for their monthly haircuts. I got my haircut before we left for Tennessee for Spring Break. Which by the way I love the cut. Everyone did really well sitting still and cooperating. I didn't even have to hold Elizabeth.

3. New words: Elizabeth is developing new words everyday. I am always surprised with each new word that comes out of her mouth.

4. Nice compliments: Today out of the blue Gabriel gave me a wonderful compliment.

5. Helpful Husband: The last couple of weeks Matt has been such a tremendous help. Not to say he isn't normally but he is doing even more.

6. Green Grass and Warmer Weather: The weather had been getting me down lately. The last couple of day we have had beautiful Spring weather. I have enjoyed being outside without coats or jackets. I also had more energy and my spirits were lifted.

7. Recipes: I am putting together a cookbook for my MOPs group. I have enjoyed everyone's participation and willingness to share some of thier favorite recipes. I am so thankful for new recipes to make for my family.

8. Helpful Abby: I am thankful for the assistance Abby gave me in cleaning my room this week. I have let several things, including the state of my room fall to the wayside. Abby helped me to remedy the unsightlyness of my room.

9. Spring Cleaning: I have been working on my Spring cleaning. I have cleaned out my side of the closet and have several bags waiting to be taken to betaken to Goodwill.

10. Giving up responsibilities: I have enjoyed many positions on several boards this past year. I am currently giving up several of those positions. I am looking forward to less responsibility so I have more time to enjoy the clubs I am involved in and have more time with my children.

11. Vacation Plans: I am purchasing a plane ticket to Atlanta for July. I will be spening part of a week with my mom and sister in Atlanta at Market. I am really looking forward to spending sometime with them without the distractions of my children. Now I just have to get in shape to be able to walk the towers.

So there is my list for the week. I would love to hear what you are thankful for. Let me know.

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Jane Anne said...

Oh, I am so glad you are back! I missed your posts. I enjoyed the Thanks Tank this week. Congrats on the loss of training wheels. I am impressed that you were the one helping him along. Jonathan only wanted Daddy (and I was more than willing to be the picture taker!).