Thursday, April 10, 2008

Easter In Knoxville

In the effort to get caught up with everyone I am going to share three different sets of pictures in the next three days. Here's the first set. These are from our Spring Break/Easter trip to Tennessee.
Gabriel is hunting for the eggshidden in the bushes. He has a really good eye for finding the eggs. The "Easter bunnies", Sarah, Aunt Cathy, and mom hid the eggs high, low, hard and easy. We even had to play hot and cold to find some of them.

Abby is so proud of her haul. She stops hunting long enough to have her picture taken. It wasn't until later that she found the egg on the tree behind her.

Elizabeth caught on really fast to finding the Easter eggs. Sarah is putting another one down for her to find. She needs her basket though since her hands are now full.

Everyone dressed up in their Easter outfits. Everyone looks so nice!

Cousins dying Easter eggs together. In the attempt to avoid stains we removed clothing. Egg dying was an experience with this group. Everyone dropped eggs in colors and then want to remove them. They eventually caught on. Sarah had dyed hands for church the next day.

The group gathered around the table. Eggs are in and children are waiting anxiously to be able to drop in another egg and see what the previous egg looks like.

Matt enjoying a hug with his mom.

Matt and his dad posing for the camera.

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