Friday, March 14, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

I forgot to do my Thanks Tank last night so here it goes this morning.

1. Traveling: I am thankful we are able to visit with our families for Spring Break and Easter.
2. Coffee in the Morning: Need I say more.
3. Giving up Positions: I am giving up my board position in Newcomers. I am thankful for the experience but am happy to give it up to someone else and have more free time for other things.
4. Good Friends: I am so happy I have friends I can count on and call on when I need to. And there have been several of those times lately.
5. Matt: I am so thankful for the wonderful man God has provided for me. He is just what I needed and continue to need. I am also Thankful that he has arranged his schedule so that I can get a haircut before we leave town.
6. Blankies: All three of my kids have blankets and I love watching them snuggle with them. It brings peace to my heart when I watch them settle with their blankets.
7. Preschool Board: I have really enjoyed being on the preschool board. I have enjoyed it mainly because it has provided me an outlet to use my college education and experience, besides on my kids and husband.
8. Cuddle Time
9. Warmer Weather: We've had a couple of warmer weather days that were also beautiful and sunny. I have enjoyed being able to go outside without the coats to ride bikes and play in the yard.
10. Phone Calls: I have enjoyed talking to several of my far away friends that I haven't kept in touch with very well. It was nice to chat and catch up with them. I need to try and do this more often.

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Jane Anne said...

Great list! I am all about the coffee in the morning, too. I hope you have fun on your Easter trip. Like you, I didn't get my list up until today. Better late than not at all!