Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Little Vacation Into the Smokies

During our visit to Tennessee we decided to take a impromptu vacation to the Smokies. We drove up one morning got a hotel and then drove to Chattanooga late the next morning. We both commented that we needed to visit the Smokies more often. We had a great time on the walking trails, visit the Sugarlands visitor center, and driving up to Newfound Gap and the picnic area below the Chimneys.

This was our view coming into the park. We took the road that by-passed Gatlinburg. We were going to be staying in Gatlinburg and didn't see the need to drive through it.

Gabriel and Abby posing as airplanes. They had a wonderful time just running and playing on this easy, paved hike. It was a perfect path for us to enjoy. We were able to use the stroller when needed.

Gabriel and Abby love to have their pictures taken. They are often very silly during their pictures. I loved the posing in these pictures. They have so much fun together too. I am glad we have these pictures so they can remember that.

Elizabeth stopping for a pose. Not to be left out Elizabeth insisted on getting out of the stroller so that she could explore too. She enjoyed crawling over rocks. All three kids wanted to play in the water. We will really have to try anothertrip during the summer just so they can do that.

You can't tell from the picture but there is a drop-off behind and to the left of us. Matt thought I was crazy getting the kids to sit on this tree with me. I thought the tree was cool and the kids needed some adventure.

Matt and the kids posing on a lookout just inside the park. The kids really enjoyed looking a Gatlinburg below them. They kept asking where our hotel was down there. The clouds were so thick once we got up to Newfound Gap that we couldn't see anything. We should have realized it especailly with this picture.

This picture of Matt and the kids is one of my favorites from the whole set. This was taken by the creek just off the path we were walking. I hope the kids enjoyed this trip as much as Matt and I did.


Jane Anne said...

These are some wonderful pictures! They make me miss "home" just a bit.

Seth said...

We REALLY miss the Smokies. Hope you guys had a great vacation!