Saturday, April 12, 2008

Easter In Chattanooga

Gabriel and Abby loved looking and finding their Easter baskets and the goodies inside. They both got books to read, Moon Sand, bubbles, and assorted candies and gum.

Below my parent's house is a creek. I have many fond memories of playing at the creek. I had climbed out on this fallen tree and Gabriel and Abby decided to join me. This is the same part of the creek that Abby fell into one winter, I think 2 years ago. Matt was extremely nervous once again because I was doing something he thought was crazy with his kids.

This is a group picture of all the cousins, grandparents and sons and daughter in laws, it's funny that none of us kids made it into that picture. I guess we will have to try again next time we are all together. This was taken right before we headed to the creek on an egg hunt. Even Chance the dog found and picked up an egg on this trip.

Elizabeth is enjoying all the goodies in her Easter basket from my parents.

This is all the cousins playing on the swing set together. It is really a lot of fun to watch the dynamics of whom will be playing with whom from hour to hour. The older two are really pretty good about watching out for Elizabeth when she joins them on the swing set.

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