Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank

There is so much for me to be thankful this week.

1. My Father: This is the biggest thanks of the week. My dad has had his surgery and is now recovering from the operation. Though he is still in a lot of pain he is on the way to recovery. This is wonderful news to hear.
2. Gymnastics: Abby had her first gymnastic class tonight. She had a really good time. This afternoon seemed to take forever with her waiting and asking if it was time to go yet.
3. Bible Study: I decided to do the MOPS Bible Study again this year. I really enjoyed and got a lot out of it last year. We had several new moms join so it will be good to get to know them better as the year goes on.
4. My wonderful loving Husband: Matt has been so understanding this week as I worried, fretted, and tried to make decisions involving my dad. I am so glad I have such a wonderful husband who will move mountains to help me if he could.

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Jane Anne said...

I am so glad the surgery went well. I will be praying for his recovery and your peace of mind.