Sunday, October 07, 2007

Just Weather

I am so ready for fall. I love the changes of the seasons, I think that is my favorite time of the year. But as of yet we have not had a season change. We are experiencing record breaking highs this weekend (90's). It's made it hard to get into the spirit of fall. I checked today and it looks like the cool down I have been waiting for will happen on Wednesday. Just in time for the Fall Festival at school. Hopefully, it won't be as chilly as last year. But it would make it that much more variable.


Jane Anne said...

I cannot imagine having temps in the 90s right now. Wow! We are in the mid to high 60s at tops. It really feels like Fall and I love Fall. I hope it gets cooler for you!

Matt said...

We got our fall with a bullet... from 92 degrees playing soccer with Gabe Monday to 37 degrees watching Gabe play soccer Sat am.