Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thank Tank

It has been a busy day and an even busier week. Here are some of the things I am thankful for this week.

1. Soccer: Gabriel has started his first year of soccer. His first practice was on Labor Day and his first game was the following Saturday. He is having a great time with it. He really enjoyed his first game and is looking forward to his next game on Saturday. He enjoys the practices but not nearly as much as the games. Go Figure. :)
2. Learning new skills: Both Gabriel and Abby have been learning new skills this week. Gabriel successfully tied his shoes for the first time this morning. He was so proud of himself. And Abby has been taking an interest in writing her name. She successfully writes an "A" and sometimes "b" but has not mastered the "y" yet. She is so proud to be doing such a big girl activity.
3. MOPS: I know I've mentioned MOPS before but this group has been such a blessing to me. We had our first meeting this week and it was wonderful being with other moms who know what you are going through. I have made so many wonderful friends because of this group. There isjust so much to be thankful for.
4. It's just a small hole: Yesterday I picked up a large bolt in my tire. Lucky for me it held air until I was able to take it into the shop this morning. The mechanic looked at it and said that the head was bigger than the threads and that more than likely it would be pluggable. Thankfully he was right. What could have cost lots only cost $19.00.
5. My mother is okay: I got a call from my dad Sunday night telling me he and my mom were at the hospital. My mother had waded into a lake, slipped and fell hitting her head. She was unconscious, or at least dazed, depening on who you talk to, when someone heard my niece yelling. She was pulled out of the water. She had a nasty cut on her head which needed 4 stiches. I am just thankful she is alright.
6. Catching little things before they become big: This week we have had two household repairs that were caught early. If they had been caught later they would have caused damage and cost lots of money to be fixed.
7. Shopping: This past weekend I went shopping with a friend. I haven't taken a weekend to go shopping without the kids and just to relax in a long time. It was even better because I "found" some money in my wallet I didn't know I had. I later found out it was put there by my parents. This was wonderful!!!
8. Matt: He was wonderful to watch the kids while I did something fun just for me. He has such a busy schedule just like I do but was willing to watch the kids on his day off while I did something fun. What more could I ask for.
9. A beautiful yard: We as a family spent part of the day cleaning up the yard. Even though much of the grass is dyin because of drought and no irrigation, at least until it's fixed, it is beautiful.
10. Cooler days: We have been having above average temperatures pretty much all summer. It is now turning cooler and becoming more fall like. We are having the cooler morning and warm afternoons. I love the changes of the seasons!! In a couple of days I will begin putting up my fall decorations.

There are always so many things to be thankful for. It lightens my heart to remember them.

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Jane Anne said...

I really enjoyed your list this week! I am so glad that your mom is okay. I am also thankful for MOPS. I have found a group here and our 1st meeting is this morning.