Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First MOPS Meeting Today!!

Today we had our first MOPS meeting of the year. It was so great to see everyone I have missed during the summer. It's amazing how much everyone's children have grown and the changes the moms have gone through as well. It was a good meeting and we had lots of new moms, which is always beneficial. The mom's were able to decorate bags as their craft and also put beads on their name tags to signify each child in their family, blue for boys and pink for girls. The moms seemed to appreciate both crafts/activities.

Every year we fill out a questionaire for our directory. The typical things are asked like name, address, phone, but we also ask for information to get to know you like, home church, favorite color, hobbies, and a question. I really enjoyed this year's question because it made me think. I would love to hear your answers! "What do you enjoy most about being a mom?" Any dad's out there? I want your answers too.

I had a really hard time coming up with just one thing. There is very little I don't like about being a mom. But the best part about being a mom are the cuddles, hugs, kisses and "I Love Yous" I receive everyday. I know one day they will lessen so I enjoy them even more now knowing that.


Matt said...

""What do you enjoy most about being a mom?" Any dad's out there? I want your answers too."

Well, I don't see how us dads can say what we enjoy about being a mom until some wierd Freaky Friday thing happens and we switch places. If that happens, I'm fairly certain that we'll switch back having experienced hilarious hijinx that make us appreciate our real roles all the more.

Carmom said...

Smarty :)

You know exactly what I meant. What is your favorite part about being a parent?

Jane Anne said...

Okay, I have been thinking about your question off and on for a week now. I guess it is just too hard of a question for me! I love the little moments with my kids: my child unexpectedly wanting to hold my hand, seeing one of my children sleeping peacefully, finding one kiss (goodnight or going out the door) isn't enough, storytime before bed, and on and on. I will probably keep trying to come up with a simple answer. Thanks for making me think!