Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thanks Tank

I think I will be much better at the once a week thank tank than I am a daily one. Not that I don't have something to be thankful about everyday but it's easier to combine it all.

1. Good first week of school for Abby: This week Abby finally started preschool. She has been looking forward to school since Gabriel started two weeks ago. She has already made new friends, which she talks about, and loves her teacher.
2. MOPS Steering Group: Tomorrow evening I will be hosting our MOPS Steering group at my house. Hopefully we will be able to get all of our last minute planning done and be able to help those in need of help tomorrow night. I am really looking forward to the beginning of MOPS in a couple of weeks. I am also thankful that one of our mentors will be able to attend as well. It is such a blessing to have such a wise and thoughtful woman involved with our group. It is also a blessing that all of us on steerign have become such good friends as well.
3. For a wonderful husband: Matt has been so helpful this week. He has been able to watch the kids several times throughout the week while working. He is also willing to give up some of his free time so that I can meet with my MOPS group and have some fun.
4. For Company: This weekend Matt's family will be visiting us for the holiday weekend. They will also be bringing our nephew, Tommy and our niece, Amy. We are all looking forward to their visit. The kids have lots of plans for fun during the weekend.
5. Football: I am happy that football season is upon us. I love this time of year. I did not grow up being a football fan but dating and marrying Matt has made me one. I love watching Matt's excitement and the excitement that Gabriel now also has for the sport. I will enjoy it even more as the boys are able to really talk ball.
6. No more stuttering: Last year I was very concerned that Gabriel had begun stuttering. I asked for him to be tested once again by a speech therapist and was told everything was normal. I saw one of Gabriel's preschool teachers at Open House and she asked about his stuttering. I had to stop and think. I hadn't heard him stuttering in months!!! I am soooo thankful for that.
7. Elizabeth's continud health: Both Abby and Gabriel had ear infections, runny noses, coughs, etc., from the time they were born. Elizabeth has had only one ear infection and two runny nose spells. This is huge for my kids. So this makes me very thankful. I am also grateful that Elizabeth's two tumbles down the steps didn't amount to anything more than tears.

Okay, there are probably many more and I will share those later. It's amazing how they are just flowing off my fingertips right now.

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Jane Anne said...

What a great list! I am thankful for several of the things you are thankful for too. MOPS has blessed me so much. I am thrilled that there is a MOPS group in this little town we are living in and I cannot wait for it to start. And, I am thankful that it is college football time. Seth gets so much enjoyment out of it. I root for TN quite a bit just because it makes him SO happy! I am thrilled we are going to get the TN/California game on TV here.