Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina Disaster

I am always at a loss for words to express myself when disaster happens. I am not one to watch the news over and over again for information on disasters. I am deeply moved by what I do see and watching it over and over again does nothing for me. While we were at the beach the TV was off for the most part. We would turn it on in the mornings and evenings and would catch snatches of what was going on. But most of our information came from my news addict husband. I see and hear of all the people who do so much when a disaster hits and I always wonder what can I do. My sister-in-law Cathy is doing so much just by writing letters, getting in touch with the right people and so forth. In her blog she put in a link for the Linus Project, this project provides warm homemade blankets for children. This is something that does interest me and there is a chapter fairly close to us. I will have to call and get some more information. If you are interested in this project the link is We also have a friend who is now stationed in New Orleans. I am thinking of and praying for his safety. All of those people who donate their time, money, energy, thoughts and prayers should be comended for all they do. So many people do things out of the goodness of their hearts and never ask for anything in return. These are the people who seem to care the most. Thank you!!!

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