Monday, September 05, 2005

Back from Seabrook Island SC

We returned home from our impromptu vacation to the beach on Saturday just in time for the UT game. We made a great decision on not heading down to the Flordia Panhandle. Though we made a bad decision on going at all with the return gas prices being so high. We stopped at one exit and 2 of the 3 gas stations were out of gas. The third was rationing so we were only able to get $30.00 worth there.

We did have a wonderful time and it was a great beach to take young children. The beach was actually located on a salt water river instead of the ocean so the waves were gentle and did not knock down the children. The weather was great and we had rain only one day (Sat.). We left the beach on Thursday and I arrived in Knoxville Thursday night in order to take my van in to the shop to have the door fixed on Friday. This was a long drawn out process that started in April when an old lady hit us on the round about going up Signal Mountain. We have taken the van in to the collision center a total of three times and it is now finally fixed. I was worried because when I dropped it off on Friday I asked how long it would take. I was informed that this was the first time they had replaced a door motor so they weren't sure. This did not reassure me but we did get the van back. I love having two working doors again.

I will post pictures of our vacation soon.

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