Monday, July 11, 2005

Back From Vacation

We had a wonderful vacation spending time with both sides of the family. The first half of the visit was in Chattanooga visiting my parents and siblings. We were able to spend much of our time at my parents house playing with cousins and just hanging out. My parents, husband and I played Canasta in the evenings or at naptime. Both sets of partners won some and lost some. This is always a favorite of mine. On Tuesday we visited the Chattanooga Aquarium. The old part was still pretty much the same but we were able to see some birds this time (this was a first for me). Abby loved watching the birds and butterflies (new part). Gabriel enjoyed watching the fish and sharks (new part). The new part was pretty neat but the aquarium in Gatlinburg is a better one for salt water. I hope to do this next time I'm in Knoxville.

On Wednesday we left for Knoxville to visit Matt's family. This was a very good visit as well. Wednesday night everyone gathered together at Matt's parent's house for dinner. The kids all palyed well together while the adults visited. The following night we took the youngest three to Chuck E Cheese's. They had a blast a were wound up by the time we left. On Friday night we met at the park for a picnic dinner and playtime. This was also much fun. I think this was probably Gabriel's favorite. Friday night Sarah and Amy came back to the grandparent's house and spent the night. The kids played and watched TV until 11:00, and then were up at the crack of dawn. That morning Cathy and the rest of the family came over for breakfast. I got to hold Evan,Cathy and Doug's youngest, for a long time. This made me very happy and worried Matt because he knows I want another child. It did give me baby pangs. We then left Knoxville at 4:00 for our trip home.

We are now home, for a while at least. No traveling is scheduled at this time. Gabriel had so much fun he said he didn't want to be home he wanted to go back to his grandparent's houses. This gives me mixed feelings. He loved coming home after visits before we moved but I think this was because he had friends to play with. Since we moved he has pretty much had just Abby and myself. We need to find him some activities and some friends. Preschool will help this fall but that is still months away. Though I am very glad he enjoys his visits with family.

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