Friday, July 15, 2005

Potty Training is No FUN!!!

We have been working on getting Gabe potty trained for a while now. He is doing a really good job remembering to go potty but sometimes he just doesn't make it. I have a very hard time keeping my cool when this happens mainly because he doesn't let me know when he has an accident. He walks through the pee and lets the poop just run down his legs while he continues to play. Today he has had two such accidents. He has peed on the floor and then he pooped on the floor an hour later. And both times were shortly after I told him to go potty. I keep trying to stress to him that he has to tell me when he has an accident. It's just not making it through his thick head. This is just annoying to me. I need to remember to be patient and that he will get better. This must be some regression, though I'm not sure why heis regressing.

No Punishments Allowed for Accidents! Right?

Anyone have any suggstions for me?

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