Thursday, June 30, 2005

Getting Ready for Vacation

Why is it that getting ready for a vacation is so stressful? Shouldn't we be anticipating the break from the norm. Instead I find myself going into compulsion mode. I try to get the house clean, everyone packed, the car loaded and the animals taken care of the night before. Though I always find myself running around the house the next day packing more things "we need" and taking up more space than we should. This is usually because I have spent the day cleaning the house and all I want to do is relax in the evening. I realize that I will have all day tomorrow but since we are going to be driving at night I would like to get a nap in so that it is a safe trip. I don't want to spend the afternoon packing instead. Matt will be working tomorrow so he is of no help then. And he gets even more stressed than I do. He gets very antsy about leaving home and leaving the cats. If he had it his way he would travel very little, but since family is in Tennessee what else can we do? I wish we could be less stressed and not feed off of each other so much. It will get better once we are off, but it is the get ready that is so bad.

See you soon.


djuggler said...

I hope the stress was worth it. We certainly enjoyed your visit!

Carmom said...

I really enjoyed it too. Gabe informed us that he did not want to be home. Hope you all will be able to visit sometime.

Noah said...

I did too!