Monday, December 26, 2011

Elizabeth Turns FIVE!!!

It's been such a busy time for all of us here so, I am just now getting around to posting about my precious little girl who turn two weeks ago. We all had so much fun at her birthday party with her friends. But that wasn't the only celebration she had. We also celebrated again on her birthday a couple of days later as a family.

Elizabeth had been telling us that she wanted to have her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. So we finally broke down and sent the invites to all her friends at school and several of her neighborhood friends. As it turns out, 4:00 on a Friday evening is the perfect time to have a party at CEC. We had to place pretty much to ourselves until about 5:00. And at that time we were in pizza and present mode so the crowd wasn't bothering us any. Everyone had such a great time and Elizabeth absolutely loved doing the ticket blaster.

Gabe and a couple of boys from the party enjoying Skee Ball.
Abby, Elizabeth and Elizabeth's best friend from school.
Elizabeth opening her presents.
Elizabeth in the Ticket Blaster. She had so much fun gathering tickets. She got over 1000!!!
Elizabeth blowing out the candles on her cake.
Group picture time!!
Elizabeth, Mommy and Chuck E. Cheese.

Elizabeth also had lots of fun celebrating with all of her family.

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