Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday, Gabe

Today my baby boy turned 9!! Nine I can't believe it... That's 1 year from double digits, 2 years from middle school, 4 years from being a teenager, and 6 years from learning to drive. My baby boy is growing up so quickly. Just nine short years ago my baby looked like this...

And now he looks like this...
Great picture, huh? He might not appreciate this one but I loved it!

Gabe had an awesome birthday. His birthday started on Friday with cupcakes for his class, and last all weekend. He is really into Pokemon right now so I made some Pokeball cupcakes to take to his class. Here is what they looked like. And boy was he excited!

On Saturday, Gabe invited a couple of friends over to help him celebrate. Gabe and his friends enjoyed pizza, laser tag, cupcakes and ice cream. Because of a weather delay Elizabeth and I headed to the ball fields instead of the party. But Matt, Abby and the boys had a great time! Here are a couple of pictures that highlight all the fun the kids had.

Because I had already made Pokeballs for Gabe, I decided to go a little further for his party. So I took some of the most popular Pokemon and made those into cupcakes. Meet Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Charmander.

And then today we had our traditional birthday pancakes. Gabe also got to open his presents from us and his sisters. All in all I think he had a great 9th birthday.

Happy Birthday G-dog!!


Carrie said...

It's so hard to believe how old that seems when you break you down like sad! :-)

I'm not ready for Alex to be really seems so 'big kid'. :-(

What a great celebration! Love those cupcakes! Happy birthday Gabe!

Malia said...

I got on hear to see if you posted your recipe for the apple pies you made us. They were so YUMMY! My husband and I enjoyed them with a side of Ice cream! great idea! We appreciate them so much. I just wanted you to know. Thank you!

Malia said...

That's suppose to say Here not hear. Sorry.