Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gabe's Baseball Season

Last night was Gabe's last regular season baseball game. The season was not a winning season. In fact they didn't win at all, except for good sportsmanship. Saturday we had hopes that they would get their first win but those hopes were dashed with a 1 point loss. Last night that all changed. The Pirates won their first game with a 1 point win. They could have won by more but conceded their last at bat so they could celebrate their win. The pure joy and elation that those kids expressed was something to behold. This win was the perfect cap to their season of baseball. We took Gabe to Toot's, Gabe's favorite restaurant, to celebrate. And we weren't the only ones!

Gabe playing in the outfield.
Gabe's hit that got him to second and then batted home! He also got a couple of RBIs during the game.

Gabe crossing home plate!

They start tournament games next week and then will have a party to end the season off right. Even though he didn't play on a winning team he had a whole lot of fun playing and is planning on playing again. And we are so proud of him for having such a great attitude this season!!

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