Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break Atlanta- Part 4

For the last part of our trip we headed to the Georgia Aquarium. I was disappointed to find out we were a week too early to be able to see the dolphins but we had fun seeing everything else anyway. And now we have an excuse to use the Annual Pass we ended up purchasing. We started our tour out with a 3D movie, a first for the kids. Matt and I enjoyed the kids' reactions more than the movie. It was fun hearing their laughter as we were squirted with water or had bubbles land on them. We also enjoyed watching them as they tried to catch the fish that were swimming towards them. After the movie we headed downstairs to enjoy the exhibits. Note to anyone going to the Aquarium, don't go on the weekend! It was crowded!!
Hands on activities are so much fun for the kids. The kids loved trying to feel the sharks and sting rays. They said they felt slimy.

Next to the whale shark this was one of Gabe's favorite fish.
I love this picture of Elizabeth. You can't see the fish she's watching but she was enjoying watching them.
Just look at the look of wonder on her face!
Thinking Gabe.
The moving sidewalk and a tunnel full of fish kept the kids enthralled. They loved find all the fish on the cards.

Whale Shark - Gabe's favorite!
Watching all the fish in the big tank. The Georgia Aquarium is home to the largest aquarium tank.
Beluga Whales- Next to Dolphins these are my favorite.

These next two pictures are my favorites. Just look at all those colors. Just beautiful and majestic.
When we left the aquarium it was past lunch time, so we headed to the Varsity for some lunch. Every time I have mentioned being in Atlanta I have been told I needed to eat at The Varsity. I have seen it many times from the interstate but had never eaten there before. So we ended up at the Varsity for lunch. It was much bigger than it looked from the interstate and a very, very busy place. I don't think I want to eat there again but at least I can say I have now. Here are a few pictures from our visit.

Dont' you just love, love, love my hat?
The last thing we did was head to IKEA. I had been there once before but on that trip I couldn't really appreciate it since I was flying back to Indiana at the time. I went hoping to find a baby doll for the girls AG dolls but completely forgot all about them with everything else to look to see. I could have spent hours in that place but Matt on the other hand was ready to leave as soon as he saw that parking garage. He even started posting for people to help him on FB. That is until my sister-in-law told him he didn't want her type help. So after a fairly quick walk through we left. But my plans are to go back as soon as I am able. So, if anyone wants to join me just let me know and we will set a date.
Well, that's it. That our Spring Break fun. I hope I didn't bore you with all our spring break fun but thanks for stopping by and at least taking the time to look at the pictures. See you again soon.

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Christine said...

Oh that pic of Gabe pointing and Elizabeth on Matt's knee is just amazing! You should send that to the aquarium; they might use it for their brocures!
BTW, I'd love to go to IKEA with you; I've never been.