Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yes, I am Alive!!

It's been a long time. Too long. It's been so long I have had friends Facebook me making sure I'm still alive and everything is okay. Really, I haven't been online much at all in the last month. Just quick checks to make sure there wasn't anything urgent I needed to take care of. I've been busy. Here's a snap shot of the last month.

* One more trip to the Smoky Mountains before school started with Matt's parents and his sister's family.

* School starting back with Abby in the 1st grade, Gabe in 3rd and Elizabeth going back to preschool.

* I'm Creative Activities Leader for MOPS again this year so I've been coming up with crafts and making name tags and center pieces.

* Getting together with friends to make pizzas and play cards. It was a great night for it too. It rained hard so it was a good time to be inside.

* Cleaning out the garage, again, but this time to make room for an awesome set of cubbies made by a great college friend.

* Working on some knitting for some special Christmas presents for some very special people.

* Homework and lots of it! Need I say more.

* Cleaning the house and yard work! Those speak for themselves
as well.

* Doctors appointments for almost everybody. At least they were just yearly check-ups. Matt had good and bad news today though. The good news he is still cancer free. Bad news is that his blood work came back showing his good cholesterol is to low and his bad is too high. His triglycerides were also high. So we will be changing around our diets to help avoid any problems on down the road. Mine came back with a vitamin D deficiency but everything else seems to be fine.

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