Sunday, May 02, 2010

Here Comes the Tooth Fairy

Several weeks ago I took the kids to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned. Lucky for all of us their teeth are cavity free. The dentist did tell me that the Tooth Fairy would be very busy at our house very soon. Upon hearing this a day didn't go by that Abby wouldn't show or tell me about how lose said teeth were. Well, Abby did lose her first tooth and more excited I don't think she could be.

She was grinning and running around in excitement and anticipation of what the Tooth Fairy would be bringing her, unfortunately it was bedtime so the fun had to stop. We got out the Tooth Fairy pillow and she put her tooth inside and hung it on the door. Then went off to bed. By the way the Tooth Fairy loves this pillow. It makes her job soooo much easier!

Getting everyone settled down for the night was more of a trial than usual and it took Abby a lot longer to fall asleep but we enjoyed her excitement. But fall asleep she did and the Tooth Fairy true to tradition brought Abby $5.00. It's burning a hole in her pocket but she will enjoy using her money to purchase a new toy.

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