Sunday, May 02, 2010


WOW!! Is all I can think right now. Just WOW! Two years ago we experienced a 500 year flood while living in Columbus, IN. We had friends who lost so much during the flood but the wonderful thing was how the community came together to help each other.

This weekend the news is showing much of the same here in Murfreesboro and especially in the Nashville area. Interstates are closed and curfews have been set in many areas. While watching the news yesterday we saw a house floating down the middle of the interstate and come to a crashing stop when it hit a bunch of flooded cars that had gotten stuck on the road. Right now there are at least 7 confirmed deaths. The rain is now beginning to slack off but things will be difficult for days, weeks and maybe even months to come. Please keep all the people affected by the flooding in your thoughts and prayers. It is my hope that the community will come together as well as the community of Columbus, IN did.

I'm leaving you will a few pictures of the "river" that is now flowing in our back yard. It's been interesting and concerning at the same time watching the water rise and occasionally fall in depth.

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Carrie said...

I've been thinking about you guys there. Stay safe! So sorry you are experiencing this again! So sad and scary :( Take care!