Friday, March 05, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday, Abby!!

Today was a day of celebration. Abby turned 6 today and we celebrated it in our traditional ways. Last night Matt and I stayed up to decorate the kitchen for the birthday girl. I think it so much fun for the kids to come down in the mornings and see all the decorations.
This is what Abby saw when she came downstairs this morning.
Because Abby is really into horses right now we got her some figurines to play with. Eventually her room will have a horse theme to it as well. But the bedding was back ordered so we opted for some other gifts for her. She also was able to open one gift this morning. Can you guess what was inside this pretty pink box?
Don't you just love the look of excitement over a couple more pink boxes? What was in those cute little pink boxes you ask? We small dangle earrings and a cross necklace, or what Abby calls a God necklace. Abby had been asking for dangle earrings and I happened across a perfect pair for my little princess.

And then this afternoon Elizabeth and I picked the birthday girl and her brother up from school in the party van.

After we got home we ordered Abby's choice of pizza and then had cake. We couldn't find a horse cake anywhere so we made due with this. I think it is pretty cute and Abby seemed to like it.
After cake we had presents to open. She loved both her brother's and sister's gifts to her. They both got her stuff to use with her American Girl doll. Angelina now has her own bed, chair, and pet. Abby will have lots of fun playing with all her new stuff tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a continuation of today. Matt's parents are coming up for Abby's party and are bringing most of the cousins. All three of the kids are looking forward to the visit. There will be a lot of bouncing around tomorrow afternoon once we hit the bounce place.


Jane Anne said...

What fun! We decorate like that for the kids' birthday's too. Looks like she had a special day.

Carrie said...

Love the decorations and the cake was really cute! Can't believe their six :( how fun that you decorated your 'ride'! haha! Sounds like she got some really fun gifts that will be fun for you to play with too, haha! I love playing with Emily's dolls ;)
Hope you had a great weekend!